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Beginning in 2013, NMOC initiated a new, state-wide award program to celebrate and recognize exemplary New Mexican individuals and/or organizations whose efforts support access to and engagement with the great outdoors, resources, and heritage in our state.

The Engaged Citizen Awards were presented at the Partner Reception on December 9, 2013.  The New Mexico Outdoors Coalition and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science co-sponsored this wonderful event.

Nominations were accepted for efforts resulting in increased public engagement with the outdoors in two categories: ‘Accomplishments’ and ‘Behind the Scenes.’


Please see the following and Award Nomination Form for specific award information.



The awards recognize exemplary community service in promoting and advocating engagement and access to the great outdoors in New Mexico. We will lift up both ‘visible accomplishments’ as well as ‘behind the scenes’ efforts as we appreciate the good works of citizens who have made extraordinary contributions to the well being of our state. Both organizations and individuals are eligible for the awards.

‘Visible Accomplishments’ refers to notable, visible successes in programs, research, and/or the establishment of a property or facility, (e.g. a trail system), that are publically visible and serve New Mexicans with opportunities to benefit from being outdoors.

Behind the Scenes efforts refer to the achievements of those who have labored out of the public eye to support and accomplish the goal of advancing access and engagement with the outdoors for fellow New Mexicans. Coordination of multiple stakeholders, long term quiet advocacy leading to results and similar efforts are included here. NMOC is eager to recognize behind the scenes devotion to the outdoors at any scale.


The nomination period will extend until November 1, 2013. By mid-November, the nominees and those selected for the 2013 Engaged Citizen Awards will be publicized via the NMOC website, social media, email outreach, and meetings. The award will be presented to awardees on December 9, 2013 at the Partner Reception.  This free, public event will include Museum access and an place at the Reception on an RSVP registration basis.

Please find the nominee registration form, guidelines, information and award submission contact person here: Award Nomination Form

Please see NMOC Citizen Purpose for more information


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